The Best Sauce you will EVER TASTE

Sauces make a meal

If you love sauces, you'll enjoy our delicious, all-natural sauces, vinegars, infused oils, rubs and vinaigrettes made with our secret family recipes.

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Welcome Sauce Lovers!

Are you sick of sauces that are full of fillers, additives and 'numbers'?

Are you sick of sauces that have flavours that vanish when you swallow?

Are you sick of sauces that are mostly water?

You want SIDS SAUCE - the best sauce you will ever taste!

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"We tried hard to find a good sauce that is not full of artificial preservatives when we discovered SIDS SAUCE. Problem solved! The local fishermen say that SIDS SMOKEY GARLIC SAUCE is excellent when smoking fish & meats. I have also had customers buy SIDS SAUCE to take to Kiwis overseas. SIDS SAUCE has a well deserved reputation so look for the full range on our shelves."

Paul and Sue Gundesen - Bin Inn, WAITARA