My name is Paul Garvin and I make SIDS SAUCE in New Plymouth, New Zealand.

I started making sauce when I looked for a use for the vinegar that was left from all the Pickled Onions I was making. After searching through recipe books, I found a good recipe for Worcester Sauce and so SIDS SAUCE was born.

I use locally grown ingredients where possible and it is all GE free. SIDS SAUCE is unique as there are no artificial flavours or colours, meat, nut products, eggs, legumes, lactose, soya or wheat in any of it.

It is also GLUTEN FREE (except for the Rings Around Uranus Sauce, Hot Worcester Sauce, Smokey Garlic Sauce & Garlic Sauce which are made from malt vinegar). Some products are Low Sugar too! An ideal sauce for Vegans & Vegetarians!

SIDS SAUCE does not need to be refrigerated as it is vinegar based, so it is safe to take away to the beach, boat, BBQs, camping, parties etc. Just shake it well before use and store in a cupboard. There is no shelf life as it lasts for more than 5 years!

Try Sids Sauce - Your mouth will love you for it!