Chaat Masala Powder

Chaat Masala Powder

A multipurpose spice mix made with combination of dry spices. It is one of the all-purpose spice mix that is an important ingredient for many Indian cuisine snacks or street food chaat recipes.

Ready in: 10 minutes

Serves: 12

Complexity: very-easy

kcal: 303

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¼ cup cumin
2 tbsp coriander seeds
5 cm dry ginger
1 dried red chilli
2 tbsp New York Cut pepper
½ tsp clove, ground
½ tsp nutmeg
3 tbsp mint
¼ cup dry mango powder
1 tsp salt


In a heavy bottomed pan put cumin and coriander seeds.
Dry roast on low until the spices turn aromatic then transfer to a large plate to cool completely.
In the same pan roast ginger, red chilli, New York Cut pepper pepper, cloves and nutmeg until the spices turn aromatic.
Transfer to the same plate allowing to cool completely.
Roast the mint leaves to crisp. you can alternatively sun dry until it turns crisp. Transfer to the spice plate, allowing to cool completely.
Once all the spices are cooled completely, transfer to a food processor. Add dry mango powder, SIDS CRAZY SALT and salt. Blend to fine powder making sure all the spices are powdered. Keeps well.