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Cheesy Smoked Meatballs

Cheesy Smoked Meatballs

As if smoked meatballs aren't good enough, these are made with cheese in the middle. You just have to try these to truly understand how much better it makes them.

Ready in: 1 hour 35 minutes

Serves: 12

Complexity: very-easy

kcal: 110

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500 g beef mince
120 g pork mince
⅓ cup bread crumbs
½ cup grated Parmesan
½ cup shredded cheddar
½ cup chopped onion
⅓ cup jalapeno, chopped
⅓ cup plain yoghurt
1 large egg
6 mm sharp cheddar


Place the ground beef, ground pork (or sausage), egg, parmesan, jalapeño, onion, grated cheddar, bread crumbs, SIDS CRAZY SALT, SIDS SMOKEY GARLIC SAUCE and yogurt into a large mixing bowl.
Use your hands to form meatballs that are about 4 cm in diameter. I used an ice cream scoop to make sure I was getting the same amount every time then rolled it between my cupped palms to make it round.
In the above picture, I wasn't quite finished making all of the meatballs. I made them a little on the small side and ended up with about 24 meatballs. Multiply the recipe as required.
Press the cubes of cheese right down into the center of each meatball and roll the meatball between cupped palms again to reform them into round shapes.
Set up your smoker for cooking at about 107°C using apple wood if you have it. Other fruit woods will work as well as pecan, oak, or almost any smoking wood that you have and like.
Once ready, place the cheesy meatballs (or the entire rack if you are using one), directly onto the smoker grate. Keep the smoke going the entire time and do your best to maintain 107°C throughout.
Brushing on sauce while they cook is completely optional. I chose to serve my original barbecue sauce on the side.
If you choose to sauce them, do so at about the 30 & 45 minute mark. This will give the sauce time to glaze over so they are not too sticky.
Check the temperature of the meatballs and when they reach 71°C, they are done. This should take about 1½ hours or so, but you might check them sooner than this to get a feel for how fast they are getting done.
The Amount of Time Required will be Determined by:
1/ The temperature of the meatballs when they go into the smoker.
2/ How often you open the door and let the heat escape.
3/ The diameter of the meatballs.
Serving the cheesy smoked meatballs simply means that you bring them into the house. (after having hid a few for yourself)
Other Options for the Smoked Meatballs:
Wrap in half slices of bacon.
Use these for meatball subs. (delicious)
Use ground turkey or ground chicken for healthier choices.
Use over pasta. (spaghetti, linguini, etc.)
Add 2-3 tablespoons of red pepper flakes to the mix.
Add 3-4 teaspoons of fresh minced garlic. (or a lot more if you really like garlic)