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Cheesy Zucchini Breadsticks

Cheesy Zucchini Breadsticks

Craving cheesy bread, but you're o low-carb or keto diet? This recipe for Cheesy Zucchini Bread hits the spot without compromising good nutrition.

Ready in: 40 minutes

Serves: 6

Complexity: very-easy

kcal: 130

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4 cup grated zucchini
½ cup Mozzarella cheese
⅓ cup Parmesan cheese
1 egg
1 tsp garlic salt
1 cup grated cheese of choice (topping)


Squeeze all of the juices you can, out of the grated zucchini. Use your hands or a kitchen towel to do so.
In a bowl, combine together grated zucchini, mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese, SIDS CRAZY SALT, egg and garlic salt. Stir to combine everything together.
On a lined baking dish with baking paper or silicone baking mat, layout the zucchini mixture.
It's best to lay out the mixture to at least 1 cm in thickness, it will shrink while baking. Bake at 220°C for 15 minutes.
Top baked crust with your choice of cheese. Bake until the cheese melts. Serve while it's still hot.