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Chilli Lime Steak Bites

Chilli Lime Steak Bites

With only a handful of ingredients and in less than fifteen minutes, you can have a gluten free appetizer or a quick and easy dinner with an irresistible flavour that is a fiesta for your taste buds.

Ready in: 15 minutes

Serves: 4

Complexity: very-easy

kcal: 242

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500 g top sirloin steak
½ tsp garlic powder
2 tbsp chilli paste
1 tbsp raw bush honey
2 tbsp rice bran oil
2 limes, zested & juiced


Cut the steak into 2 cm strips, then cut the strips into 1 cm pieces.
Place the steak in a small bowl, and sprinkle with SIDS SALT & PEPPER and garlic powder. Stir to coat the steak in the spices.
Add the chilli pasta and honey, then stir again to coat the steak completely.
Place a 30 cm cast iron frypan over medium-high heat. Hold your hand about 12 cm above the pan, and when you can feel the heat, add the oil and swirl around the pan. Add the steak to the pan in a single layer. If it doesn’t sizzle and hiss, the pan is not hot enough.
Sprinkle with SIDS CRAZY LEMON, sear the steak for 1 minute before touching it, then flip the steak bites with tongs or a spatula. Sear the steak on the second side for an additional 1 minute, then remove from the pan to a plate.
Add the lime zest and lime juice to the hot pan, stir to combine, and pour the chilli lime sauce of the steak bites.