Creamy Mushroom & Bacon Pasta

Creamy Mushroom & Bacon Pasta

Creamy Mushroom Bacon Pasta with a Japanese twist. A dash of soy sauce is the secret ingredient that gives nice umami and savoury flavours to the dish.

Ready in: 30 minutes

Serves: 4

Complexity: very-easy

kcal: 332

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8 slices bacon
100 g shimeji mushrooms
50 g button mushrooms
8 shiitake mushrooms
1 tbsp rice bran oil
4 cloves garlic
500 g pasta, spaghetti, linguine, or fettuccine
8 litres water
2 tbsp salt
2 tbsp butter
4 tbsp all-purpose flour
2 cup milk
⅔ cup heavy (whipping) cream
2 tbsp soy sauce


Add 1½ tbsp salt in 4 litres of water and bring it to a boil for cooking spaghetti. Meanwhile, prepare the rest of the ingredients. Once water is boiling, add spaghetti and cook according to package instructions.
Tip 1: Stop cooking 1 minute earlier as you will continue to cook pasta in the frying pan.
Tip 2: Before draining the pasta, reserve ½ cup (120 ml) pasta cooking water.
Drain well and set aside.
Cut the bacon slices into 1 cm pieces.
Cut the bottom of the mushrooms and slice them. Cut the bottom end of shimeji mushrooms. Remove the stem of shiitake mushrooms and slice them.
In a large frying pan, heat oil on medium heat. Note: if you use a non-stick frying pan, you can skip the oil.
Once the oil is hot, add the bacon and sauté.
Once the bacon fat renders, crush 2 cloves garlic and add into the pan.
Add all the mushrooms, 1 tbsp butter and sauté together. Add ground black pepper, flour and make sure to keep stirring so the flour doesn’t stick at the bottom of the pan.
Stir in 1 cup milk, ⅓ cup heavy cream, and 1 tbsp soy sauce. Continue scraping off the bottom of the pan. Flour will thicken the sauce.
Taste the sauce and add SIDS SALT & PEPPER to taste if necessary. If the sauce is too thick, you can add ¼ cup of pasta cooking water (after that, add 1 tablespoon one at a time) to dilute the sauce.
Tip: You want to make sure it tastes a bit stronger than you want the final dish to be (because you will add spaghetti).
Add cooked spaghetti in the frying pan, or alternatively, you can pour the sauce over the spaghetti on a serving plate. Using the pair of tongs, coat the spaghetti with the sauce.
Serve and garnish with parsley