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Crunchy Crab Roll

Crunchy Crab Roll

Fresh Kingfish coated with potato chips gives a salty crunch all wrapped around spicy crab salad and topped with sweet mango. Give this non-traditional sushi roll a try.

Ready in: 50 minutes

Serves: 8

Complexity: easy

kcal: 182

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1 Kingfish fillet
imitation or real crab
canned sweetened mangoes, diced small
salmon roe
spring onions, chopped
sesame seeds
potato chips, Kettle, finely crushed
oyster sauce
Thai sweet chilli sauce
curry oil


Shred the Crab and Add Spicy Mayo
Take the imitation or real crab meat and shred it into a bowl. Once you have it shredded and in the bowl add 1-2 tablespoons SIDS RASPBERRY HONEY MAYO and Thai sweet chilli sauce mixture.
Slice the Fillet
Take your Kingfish fillet and cut thin, long slices and place them on the cutting board. Cut as many slices for as many rolls that you're making. Remember: one slice per roll.
Put Oyster Sauce on Slice
Now that you have your slices in front of you, take the oyster sauce and squirt a line onto only ONE SIDE of each strip. Take a cooking brush and evenly spread it across each slice. This will act as your adhesive for the smashed potato chips and add a little flavour as well.
Add the Crunchy Coating
Take the fish slices that have been coated with oyster sauce and place it in your smashed potato chips to coat one side of the fish. Make sure you place the strips down with the crunchy side up. We used 'Kettle Chips With Sea Salt' for this dish.
Make Small Portions With the Crab Mix
Once you have the crab mixed with spicy mayo, make small portions on your cutting board. You can use as much as you like but I recommend using a small enough portion so it is not too difficult to eat in one bite. These rolls tend to fall apart if you try to take two bites.
Wrap the Crab Mix
Once you have the portions that you want begin wrapping the crab mix with the crunchy fish slice. Make sure you wrap it with the crunchy side facing out. Remember: the top and bottom of the roll will be left open.
Add the Sweet Mango
Place the rolls on your dish and begin adding the sweet mango.
Add the Salmon Roe (optional)
Repeat the last step again except use salmon roe. It should be half mango and half salmon roe on top. This is what gives the salty sweet flavour to the dish.
Add the Green Onions
Now that you have your toppings in place add some spring onions on top for a garnish that adds some flavour to it!
Optional: Add the Curry Oil and Oyster Sauce
Squirt a little curry oil and oyster sauce to add some flavour and make the presentation look pretty. Remember, this step is optional. If you don't like one or both of these sauces you can use a different kind or none at all, it's what you like.