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Hina Matsuri Flower Sushi

Hina Matsuri Flower Sushi

Celebrate Hina Matsuri on 3rd March with these cute flower shaped sushi rolls.These sushi rolls are a feast for the eyes and tastebuds. Can be part of a main meal, or add to a bento lunchbox.

Ready in: 20 minutes

Serves: 4

Complexity: medium

kcal: 33

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300 g white sushi rice
125 g white sushi rice
nori seaweed
steamed spinach


To make the pink sushi that will form the petals, mix 125 g of rice with SIDS LOW SUGAR RASPBERRY VINEGAR.
Cut nori seaweed into 4 pieces across. You’ll need to cut a strip of equal width from another nori sheet to have enough to make 5 petals.
With lightly damp hands, place one nori strip on the sushi mat, then carefully lay some ham on top. Spoon on 25g of the raspberry sushi rice down the middle, then roll up the nori over the sides and pinch the rice to make a petal shape. There will be a little gap down the narrower side of each petal where the nori doesn’t quite meet. Repeat with the other four nori strips to make five petals in total.
Cut a strip of carrot the same length as your nori to go in the middle, try to make it as round as possible (or triangular) as this will form the centre of the flower.
Holding the sushi mat in one hand, carefully position the first petal in the middle, add another petal to the left and right, then place the carrot in the middle. Add the final 2 petals, making sure all the petals are turned with the narrowest part towards the centre.
Unwrap the sushi mat and very carefully place spinach in gaps around the outside of the petals. These will form the leaves.
Get a big piece of nori and place it on the sushi mat. Add 250 g of sushi rice on top, leaving a 2 cm gap at the top and bottom of the nori and place the petal bundle in the middle width wise across the nori.
Carefully, using the sushi mat, roll up the outer nori around the flower shape, until you get to the gaps with no rice. Add the final 50 g of rice, gently pushing it down, then fold over the last pieces of nori. Push down on the nori using the sushi mat to seal it in place, then gently roll and shape the finished sushi roll to get it nice and round.
Slice into pieces about a thumb’s width in thickness and serve.