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How To Preserve Vine Leaves

How To Preserve Vine Leaves

Never have the vine leaves when you want them? Problem solved!

Ready in: 70 minutes


Complexity: very-easy


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6 medium sterilized jars
approx 360 fresh grape vine leaves, stems snipped
1 cup plain salt
12 cups of water
1 egg, whole


Wash and pat dry your grape vine leaves and then divide them into piles of 20. Roll each pile like a cigar or multi-leaved dolma and place three rolls into each jar.
In a large pot, add your water and pickling salt and bring to a boil. In order to test if your brine solution is salty enough, carefully drop an egg into the brine. If the egg floats, then your brine ratio is suffice.
Take your brine off the heat and carefully pour the solution into each jar, enough to cover your grape vine leaves. When you’re done filling up all the jars, pour more brine into any jars that have absorbed the liquid.
By this time, the brine has changed the colour of your leaves from a vibrant green to olive hue. It’s perfectly normal.
Using a tea towel, place the lids on each of the jars and tighten. A seal should form for each jar.
Store in your cellar for up to one year.