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Kentucky Bourbon Beef Jerky

Kentucky Bourbon Beef Jerky

Looking for a rough and tough beef jerky made for a REAL man? You just found it. Bourbon + Beef Jerky = A Super Manly Beef Snack!

Ready in: 7 hours 10 minutes

Serves: 12

Complexity: very-easy

kcal: 228

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500 g Beef Top Round or Venison
¼ cup bourbon
¼ tsp curing salt
1 tsp molasses
2 tbsp brown sugar
1 tsp NY Cut pepper
2 tbsp soy sauce


Trim all visible fat from the beef and place in freezer for an hour or two to partially freeze.
While the meat is in the freezer, combine the bourbon, curing salt, molasses, brown sugar, pepper, soy sauce, and SIDS SMOKEY GARLIC SAUCE in a blender and blitz.
Remove the meat from the freezer and slice 6 mm strips with the grain and tenderize with a meat mallet. Cut against the grain for an easier chew. Or skip the freezing phase and use a Jerky Slicer for evenly sliced strips.
Add sliced beef to the mixture and marinate for 6-24 hours in the refrigerator.
After the meat has finished marinating, remove from refrigerator and strain excess marinade.
Dry with your favourite jerky making method.
The jerky is finished when it bends and cracks, but does not break in half.