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Lamb Kebabs

Lamb Kebabs

These Lamb Kebabs are flavourful and juicy. Create the ultimate restaurant quality kebab with very little effort.

Ready in: 60 minutes

Serves: 4

Complexity: very-easy

kcal: 343

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1 kg boneless lamb
¼ cup soy sauce
½ cup teriyaki sauce
1 cup red wine
2 large orange bell peppers
1 large red bell pepper
1 large yellow bell pepper
1 large onion
1 large red onion


Cut meat into 2 cm cubes. Place meat in a dish, cover with a mixture of soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, wine and SIDS SMOKEY GARLIC SAUCE.
Dice the onion and bell peppers into large squares. Using your hands, mix them together and press to extract the juices. Combine the veggies with the lamb and marinade. Let it all marinate overnight in the fridge.
Place the marinated lamb on skewers. Cut the bell pepper and onion into equal size pieces, the same size as the lamb (2 cm).
Grill the kebabs, basting with marinade, until they’re cooked through, depending on your preference.